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22 Jul


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This week, temperatures are again expected to reach the 30Cs or at least the mid to high 20Cs.  On average in the UK July is the warmest month, with the highest temperatures typically around London and the South East.

While most of us love the sunshine, with ice cream. barbecues, paddling pools top priority, it can be easy to forget that our bodies have to work a lot harder to stay cool, with older people and young children more vulnerable to heat and sun exposure.   


Here at MIP UK HQ, our team have pulled together a list of top tips to stay cool:

- Keep blinds / curtains shut to keep rooms cool  (at MIP UK HQ we also keep the lights off as they tend to generate a lot of heat)

- Try to keep rooms well ventilated 

- Drink plenty of water and carry a water bottle with you wherever possible

- If you are outside, try to avoid the hottest part of the day between 11am and 3pm

- Wear a hat (and apply sun cream at regular intervals) if you are outside, even if it is cloudy 

- Bowl of iced water in front of a fan

- Wear cotton clothes

- Run cold water on your wrists

- Eat ice lollies!

- Cool bed sheets down in the freezer before bedtime

- Close your eyes & imagine you are in an igloo or really cold place (Adam tells us this is an actual "thing")  


At night it is also important to stay cool and MIP have a range of bedding options for the warm weather, from lightweight duvets to an utralightweight version of our thermal spread, we have options to suit.


4.5 Tog TruBliss Washable Duvet

Luxury Washable Duvet


4.5 Tog MRSA Resistant Wipe Clean Duvet

MRSA Resistant Wipe Clean Duvet


Ultra-lightweight Thermal Blanket



If you would like to know more about MIP's range of bedding, talk to us today.

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