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22 Aug

Slide Sheets FAQs

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If you are new to slide sheets, you may have some questions around their usage, features and care. In this blog, we will be answering some frequently asked questions we get around slide sheets to provide you with some knowledge and confidence in your caregiving tasks.


What are slide sheets?

Slide sheets are friction reducing medical devices to assist in repositioning care receivers who are unable to reposition themselves independently. The intended use of a Slide Sheet is to reduce the friction and shear during the task of moving and /or repositioning a patient on a surface; it also reduces the effort and reduces the manual handling risk of the staff undertaking these manoeuvres.


Why are slide sheets different colours?

Slide sheets are manufactured in different colours in order to make them easy to identify, e.g. blue for reusable, red for patient specific.


Can you wash a slide sheet?

Yes, some slide sheets are designed to be washed, make sure that you check the product label to see if it is suitable to be washed as not all slide sheets can be. Cromptons Healthcare by MIP Reusable Slide sheets can be laundered in commercial or residential washers. Always check the label and follow the care instructions given.


Why are flat slide sheets used in pairs?

Two low friction surfaces together have the effect of minimising drag, making it much easier to perform patient moving procedures. It is standard practice to use flat slide sheets as a pair, unless the moving and handling plan states otherwise, for example, folded in half for smaller repositioning tasks or in a chair repositioning manoeuvre. Tubular slide sheets by nature with their continuous loop mean you only need one.


What are the benefits of using a slide sheet with handles?

Our flat slide sheet with handles offer the benefit of a more positive grip and can be easier for carers with arthritis or dexterity issues. They also allow the option of attaching extension handling aiding lateral transfers. The handles running along the short edge allows for additional head support during repositioning manoeuvres.


Can slide sheets be recycled?

The short answer is no, however slide sheets should be disposed of in a responsible manner in accordance with local general waste guidelines, considering that the product may be contaminated after use and may need to be disposed of as clinical waste. Reusable slide sheets are a better option to reduce waste in your organisation, as these can be washed after use as oppose to being disposed of after patient use.


Can I use a slide sheet in my home?

A slide sheet is considered medical equipment, and should be treated as such. When undertaking any slide sheet manoeuvres or moving and handling task, make sure you follow the handling plan from somebody who has done a risk assessment and that the technique being used is appropriate. Adequate training and guidance must be given prior to use. Please remember to always check all equipment for any signs of wear and tear prior to use.

If you are looking to find out more information regarding our slide sheets, you can visit our Slide Sheets Learning Hub which is our online education platform which provides digital learning tools such as tutorial videos, educational blogs, external resources and more. You can visit our Slide Sheets Learning hub here.


For more information on our Cromptons Healthcare by MIP slide sheets range, please visit our website here.

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