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16 Jan

Dispelling the Myth – Using Fitted Sheets on Dynamic Mattresses

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Did you know our SLEEPKNIT Smart Sheets can be used on Dynamic Airflow/Pressure Reduction Mattresses



DAPR mattresses are designed to alternate pressure and encourage movement across the patient’s body to reduce the risk of developing pressure ulcers and tissue damage. The mattresses design uses cells that inflate and deflate alternately relieving pressure from specific areas on the patient’s body at a given time[1].

Feedback that we have received from community Nurses, Tissue Viability Nurses and other Manual Handling professionals suggests that a number of people have been informed that fitted sheets with elasticated retention ridges reduce performance of DAPR mattresses. Although standard fitted sheets are known to counteract the pressure reduction features of the deflating cells on a DAPR Mattress. It is important to bear in mind that standard fitted sheets are woven which makes them rigid, limiting the sheets ability to stretch in unison to the alternating cell design of the DAPR Mattresses.



How do our SleepKnit Smart Sheets Assist the DA/PR Mattress performance?






  • SleepKnit Smart Sheets are specifically designed for DA/PR Mattresses - Deep sides and extensive overlap on each corner.
  • Knitted not Woven – the key difference between SleepKnit fitted sheets and standard fitted sheets is that our sheets are knitted rather than woven.
  • Multi Directional Stretch – Our sheets are manufactured using a high-quality knit fabric with a 4 way stretch. This allows the patient to immerse in the mattress without changing the performance of a pressure-relieving mattress.
  • No Elastic Fitted Corners remain Intact.
  • Soft Texture SleepKnit’s knitted design offers a more comfortable patient experience, further enhanced when the sheet is fitted to the mattress’s corners, ensuring minimal rucking against the skin.


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To read more information on how our SleepKnit Smart Sheets have been designed for use with Dynamic Mattresses and to find out more about how DAPR Mattresses work, click here


[1] SelectMedical.co.uk (2020) - https://www.selectmedical.co.uk/what-are-pressure-relieving-mattresses/



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