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13 Mar

SleepKnit FR is Now UltraKnit!

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MIP is excited to announce the rebranding of one of our key product brands, SleepKnit FR will now be known as UltraKnit. This change will help our customers better understand the feature differences between our polycotton SleepKnit bedding and 100% polyester SleepKnit FR bedding‌ (UltraKnit). 

Our SleepKnit and UltraKnit Smart Sheets are a fitted knitted sheet with multi-directional stretch which, unlike conventional woven sheets, means that this one sheet will fit the vast majority of healthcare mattresses, ranging from profiling beds with a standard healthcare mattress to beds with dynamic airflow/pressure reduction mattresses. Smart Sheets are constructed from a unique knitted design which allows the sheet to flex more than conventional woven sheets, therefore improving the resident’s comfort and pressure area care. UltraKnit bedding is made from a 100% polyester and is flame retardant to European Standard EN ISO 12952. UltraKnit comes available in 7 colour options: white, cream, blue, green, peach, pink, yellow. 

Benefits of UltraKnit Bedding: 
•    Enhanced Comfort: Crafted from a unique knitted design, our Smart Sheet is exceptionally soft, prioritising patient comfort and well-being. Say goodbye to stiff, uncomfortable bedding – with our Ultra Knit Smart Sheet, patients can rest easy. 
•    Ease of Use and Maintenance: Fitting the sheet is quick and hassle-free, thanks to its four-way stretch and anti-rucking properties. No more tedious folding or ironing – our Smart Sheet maintains its pristine appearance with minimal effort, allowing caregivers to devote more time to patient care. 
•    Innovative Design: The four-way stretch of our Smart Sheet prevents sliding and repositioning during patient transfers, promoting compliance with proper handling techniques and reducing the risk of strain or injury to both patients and caregivers. 
•    Longer Lifespan: The enclosure’s no elastic feature ensures the product has a longer lifespan in the wash compared to standard elasticised fitted sheets.  

For more information on our UltraKnit Bedding range, please visit our website here

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