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08 Feb

Introduction to & Principles of Safer Moving & Handling

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When moving or handling a person, knowing the principles of safer moving and handling is essential to avoid causing injury to yourself and the person you are moving. In this blog, Moving & Handling Practitioner, Julia Love, will be teaching you how to position your body correctly when moving and handling a person.

Safer moving and handling is all about using your body smartly. Stooping, twisting or bending movements are not bad, as these are normal movement patterns, but it is not smart to stoop excessively with a load or when overreaching.

The basic principles advised are all about being balanced with one foot forward and another back. Your front foot needs to be facing the direction you are going so your body is in line and this helps to avoid excessive stooping, twisting and bending.

Softening your knees slightly enables you to shift your body weight from one foot to another, this helps you to move your body more efficiently and stop you using your arms and small shoulder muscles.

When you are in your balanced stance, you should bring your hands closer to your body, you’re your body weight down and lock your arms in place, rocking your body weight from one foot to another to move or reposition a person.

Before moving and handling a person, you should be doing a risk assessment or follow a handling plan set out by a professional, as well as checking your equipment for any signs of wear, tear and damage.

Check out our video on Introduction to and Principles of Safer Moving and Handling here.


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