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14 Nov

Introducing - the Wheelchair Seat Wrap by MIP UK

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MIP UK continues to raise the bar in high quality healthcare textiles by introducing our new product...

Common Issues we have addressed: 

Frustration caused by blankets getting tangled in the wheels or slipping off to one side and frequently blowing in the wind (especially troublesome for those with limited mobility). 


1_CROPPEDThe Wheelchair Seat Wrap
All new from MIP UK:

The Wheelchair Seat Wrap, is ideal for adding both warmth and comfort, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The unique tri-panel design and the handle slots ensure a secure and snug fit. 






  • Enhanced comfort & warmth
  • Made with soft fleece material
  • Secure and snug fit thanks to the unique three panel design & handle slots
  • Ideal for both inside & outside use




The Wheelchair Seat Wrap fits wheelchairs with either a 16” or 18” seat width and works on both Self Propel and Attendant Operated Wheelchairs.

Wheelchair Seat Wrap Flyer

MIP is a leading global supplier of healthcare textiles and related products/solutions. Visit https://www.mipuk.co.uk/ or click here for the full product profile of our Wheelchair Seat Wrap!

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