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14 Oct

Introducing Perpetua by MIP UK

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MIP UK continues to raise the bar in high quality healthcare textiles by introducing a new brand...



You are a nurse or a carer.

Nurses-Group-300x.pngYou go to the laundry cart looking for products for a patient/resident who has just arrived to your care. You are making up their bed knowing their family is going to be visiting any moment. You go to the laundry cart and the products look like they need a little “pick me up”! You want to offer the most welcoming environment to your patients, but don’t have the time to find the best of the best. 

As a patient/resident.


You are exhausted, miss your family and just want to be at home. The care team are friendly and supportive, but the bedding you are in doesn’t quite feel like home… 



You are a proud laundry manager.

teacher-manager-between-chair-and-desk-hi.pngAnd patient satisfaction has always been the driving force of your business. With so many products on the market, how do you keep within your budgets while raising the quality of your linens? You want to be able to offer clean, admirable looking linen to your facilities so they can provide the best care possible. You also want to make sure the linens you purchase are reliable and have a long life span after vigorous washing. Your goal is to ensure people are confident in your product, but how do you make sure you are making the right selection? 




A Brand that offers: 
A nurse or carer: confidence in patient care, time savings in a busy day, stress relief and hassle free supplies that allows their time to be spent where it is most needed.

A patient/resident: peace of mind and a worry free environment.

A laundry manager: Empowerment by understanding that time should not be wasted on avoidable linen headaches and a sense of pride by distributing a product that won’t be questioned by the customer.


A product line that promises:


Perpetua Reversible Spread Blankets


MIP is a leading global supplier of healthcare textiles and related products/solutions.


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