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08 Jan

New Year, New Brand!

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As you may have already noticed, over the past couple of months there have been some small changes here at MIP. At heart we are still the same MIP as before, but our new logo, brand and look, allows us to better tell our story. It is with great excitement, that we unveil a brand new video. Our new Brand Video: We Are MIP.

It has always been our mission to provide solutions that focus on the betterment of those who give and those who receive care, while bringing value and efficiencies to the entire healthcare community. We believe that people are at the center of everything that we do. It is that philosophy that continues to drive our every move. From product development and innovation, to customer experience, to internal processes. It's about providing dignity and compassion. 

Our story of caring began over 40 years ago and continues to be told today! 

We are MIP.
The Softer side of Healthcare

Our new Corporate Brochure is available now! (Click Button Below to View):

New Corporate Brochure DOWNLOAD NOW

We are thrilled to support those who care for those we care about.

Whether you work on the front-line or are part of the supply chain that deliver products and services to support our industry, we thank you!


Discover more about us. Visit mipuk.co.uk 



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