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17 Feb

Myth Busting Litre Capacity in Bedpads

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When buying bedpads, customers commonly ask about litre capacity in a bedpad, believing this is the most important selling feature of a bedpad. The truth is, it is not the most important feature. In this blog, MIP will be explaining what you should be looking for in a bedpad before your purchase one.

The average adult typically excretes between 200-400 millilitres of urine at any one time, and in general, most bedpads can hold several times this amount. So instead of looking at litre capacity, at MIP we recommend keeping it simple and looking at your needs, then matching that to the bedpad most suitable, by considering the following:

  • Comfort – Don’t forget you are sleeping on this. It may be simply a case of preferring a softer, quilted surface for comfort, or you may prefer a laminated construction if you have sensitive skin.
  • What type of sleeper are you? - Most bedpads are designed with a brushed backing to ensure it remains in place, however if you are a restless sleeper, look for a bedpad with tucks for added reassurance.
  • Size – Most people use a standard size bedpad, but larger options are available, if required.
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