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03 Jul

Textile Icons Demystified - Machine Washing Icons

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Here at MIP, we know not everyone is a laundry expert, and sometimes all the different washing icons you see on your textile’ labels and packaging can be confusing. So, we are introducing a blog series, where we will be explaining what each of these washing icons mean by categories so you can to keep your MIP products in the best shape they can be and in turn maximise the lifespan of your textiles.

In this blog we will be starting with the machine washing icon, which is a tub filled with water and is usually the first icon identified on your textiles product label or insert. This icon will indicate whether your textile is machine washable or not. Always be sure to check the temperature and cycle highlighted within this icon as this is the maximum temperature the textile should be washed at. 

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Most MIP textiles are washable at temperatures up to 75 or 95 degrees Celsius, both of which will achieve thermal disinfection in the wash, a key feature for any healthcare product in order to minimize cross-infection or contamination. Be sure to abide to these washing instructions, as washing above these temperatures can lead to the reduction of the lifespan of your textiles and inhibit it’s intended performance.

If an X is indicated over the top of this icon, this means it is not machine washable. These items are either wipe clean, spot clean or hand wash only, this will be made clear on the label.

For more information on our products washing instructions, please visit our website here

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