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09 Aug

Flat Slide Sheets vs Tubular Slide Sheets

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In this blog, we will be looking at the differences between a Flat Slide Sheet and a Tubular Slide Sheet and the benefits of using one over the other...

Flat Slide Sheets

  • Flat Slide Sheets are as the name suggests, flat and square/rectangular in shape. It is standard practice to use flat slide sheets as a pair, unless the moving and handling plan states otherwise. For example, flat slide sheets can be folded in half for smaller repositioning tasks or for in chair repositioning manoeuvre.
  • These can give carers much more flexibility when carrying out a repositioning task as you can use 360-degree movement due to using two separate slide sheets.

Tubular Slide Sheets

  • Tubular slide sheets are continuous tubes, so you only need one rather than a pair like with flat slide sheets, which some moving and handling practitioners prefer to increase compliance as it guarantees two silicone surfaces together.
  • Tubular slide sheets come in a variety of sizes with the open edge typically on the longer side for greater movement up and down the bed. Certain sizes have the open edge on the short side, which allow for greater movement side to side.

If you would like to find out more about how both flat and tubular slide sheets are used, you can find tutorial videos via our Learning Hub here and our YouTube channel here.

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