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26 Feb

E1G PPE Caddy

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PPE is a hot topic at the moment and it's especially important to ensure your PPE supplies are well organised.

Often PPE, such as Isolation Gowns, Gloves, Masks and Visors can cause clutter and can even become misplaced, making them unavailable at the moment they're needed most.

We are excited to introduce our E1G PPE Caddy, the washable door mounted PPE station, designed to keep your PPE supplies tidy and on hand. PPE-Cady-Bag-Design3_FlyerImage-1

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Keeping your residents and staff safe

Helping you to reduce clutter Sparkle---Icon---Animation-1
Gown - Icon - Animation-3 Ensure PPE equipment is exactly where you need it, when you need it


Rewash - Reuse - Repeat - Reduce Waste

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