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08 Feb

Disposable vs Washable Bedpads

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There are many types of bedpads available on the market, which can be confusing. In this blog post, we explain the benefits of both disposable and washable bedpads to help you make an informed choice.

Disposable Bedpads
  • Disposable bedpads when bought one-off are a more affordable option than reusable bedpads as they have a lower purchase price.
  • Disposable bedpads are thrown away after a single use therefore ideal if you have limited access to a washing machine.
Washable Bedpads
  • Washable bedpads naturally are a more eco-friendly option than disposable bedpads as less waste is going into landfill.
  • When washed correctly washable bedpads have a long life span and therefore are a more cost-effective alternative to disposable bedpads.
  • Many washable bedpads users buy 3 bedpads to have on rotation. One for the bed, one in the wash and one in the cupboard ready for next use. So, unlike disposables, you are less likely to be caught short.
    Washable bedpads are typically designed to last with robust materials. Disposable bedpads are often made from lightweight materials, which can fold, ruck & move out of position, potentially causing leakage and pressure points against the skin.

We haven’t included litre capacity and absorbency in this blog as the average adult typically excretes between 200-400 millilitres of urine at any one time, and in general most bedpads can hold several times this amount.

You can find out more about MIP’s washable bedpads here.

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