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08 Feb

Checking a Slide Sheet Prior to Use

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In this blog, we will be explaining how to check your slide sheet prior to use on a person.

Before using any slide sheet, flat or tubular, you need to check it is in good condition, firstly looking for any signs of wear, tear or damage. Fabric, thread and stitch degradation caused by continuous use will take place over time (as normal wear and tear and/or washing).

Most importantly, you need to be checking the material is sliding, particularly for washable slide sheets as after multiple washes, the material can begin to lose its sliding properties. Place the slide sheet on top of a bed or a surface, put your weight through the slide sheet and make sure the two layers are sliding against each other.

You can watch our video on checking a slide sheet prior to use here.

Before moving and handling a person, you should be doing a risk assessment or follow a handling plan set out by a professional.

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