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30 Mar

We are supporting the Coronavirus Care Workers Fund

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MIP UK are proud to be supporting the Care Workers Charity Coronavirus Emergency Fund to support those at the frontline of the coronavirus crisis, caring for those in society who are most vulnerable and most susceptible to the virus.


We need our care workers, without them we will struggle to keep up with the huge demands now presented to the care sector. Given it’s such an important role it seems right should a care worker have to self-isolate, that they will be supported through any financial hardship they may suffer


Karolina Gerlich, Executive Director at the Care Workers Charity says: “We are incredible grateful to everyone showing their support for our care workers. COVID-19 is one of the biggest crises our generation will see in its lifetime. Care workers are at the frontline of this, caring for the most vulnerable people in our society who are most susceptible to the disease. If a care worker needs to self-isolate, they will fall into desperate need. For this reason, we need more funds for extra emergency grants. Thank you for your help, any help will go a long way.”

What is the Coronavirus Care Workers Fund?

There are almost 2 million care workers in the UK, contributing to one of the largest workforces. They spend their careers assisting others, but when circumstances change, sometimes it is the care workers who need help. The Coronavirus Fund is an emergency grant programme specifically designed to help those carers in need due to the virus.

The fund is specifically designed to help those carers in need due to the virus. Grants will be available to apply for from 30 March 2020

How can you show your support to the Care Workers across the country?

The Care Workers Charity will receive a large number of applications for help in the coming weeks and require extra funds to help with the increased demand. Any help you can give will go a long way. 

We have made our donation. Help the Care Workers Charity keep the UK caring and donate here at the Just Giving page:

The Care Workers Fund - Just Giving Page


Thank you,

The MIP UK team


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