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08 Feb

The Benefits of Using Slide Sheets

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In this blog we will be exploring the benefits of using a slide sheet when moving or handling a person. When it comes to moving and handling a person, slide sheets are a very popular medical device as they help reduce the risk of shearing and friction to a person, as well as making moving and handling easier for healthcare professionals and in result reducing the staff’s risk of injury.

Slide sheets are also hugely versatile and come in many shapes and sizes. You can get slide sheets that are tubular which eliminates the need for two separate flat slide sheets. You can also get slide sheets that come with handles, which can make the task easier for staff. Slide sheets do also come in full length and shorter lengths, which when facing differing scenarios such as moving the persons full body versus just using a short slide sheet to assist a person’s legs out of the bed.

Check out our video on The Benefits of Using Slide Sheets here.

Before moving and handling a person, you should be doing a risk assessment or follow a handling plan set out by a professional, as well as checking your equipment for any signs of wear, tear and damage.

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