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21 Feb

Benefits of the Fusion Bed Pad

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In this blog, we will be looking as the benefits of our Fusion Bed Pad. Most, washable bed pads are quilted with 3 separate layers joined together at the edges. Fusion utilises the latest in bed pad technology with it’s smooth, thin, unquilted layers fused together. Below are the benefits of the Fusion Bed Pad:

  • The fused layers allow the bed pad to lay flat, reducing surface creasing, ideal for those with sensitive skin, reducing the risk of pressure sores.
  • Fusion’s Stay Dry technology features distinct characteristics to promote skin care through rapid wicking, this means that any leaks are quickly absorbed away from the skin.
  • The brushed backing helps keep the pad in place, without the need for tucks, even for restless sleepers.
    Due to it’s great stain release properties and durability,  Fusion can be washed up to high temperatures to achieve thermal disinfection and can be easily dried ready for reuse.
  • Fusion is simple to use and great for those new to continence care.  It's square shaped, and a print to indicate which side goes on the bed to avoid any mishaps.

For more information about our Fusion Bed Pad, please visit our product page here.

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