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27 Oct

Benefits of an In-Bed Repositioning System

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In this blog, our Clinical Partner, Julia Love, will be looking at the key benefits of using an in-bed repositioning system over slide sheets.

  • Less disruption to the person
    • Less manoeuvres required to reposition the person.
    • Some in-bed systems are a lot quieter than some slide sheets.
  • Dignified solution
    • Some in-bed systems look like standard bedding, making it more acceptable and therefore more dignified to the person.
  • Opportunity to increase compliance
    • In-bed systems are always in place ready to use, which increases compliance amongst staff as they are more likely to use it.
  • More efficient
    • Some in-bed systems may offer an option with handles, this allows it to be hooked up to a hoist, meaning less staff are required to reposition a person, making it more efficient for organisations.
  • Saves time
    • As in-bed systems are already in place, it saves time for staff having to find slide sheets, as well as any repositioning tasks taking significantly less time to perform.

Please remember, in-bed repositioning systems aren’t suitable for all, but where they are, they can be a great moving and handling solution.

Before moving and handling a person, you should be doing a risk assessment or follow a handling plan set out by a professional, as well as checking your equipment for any signs of wear, tear and damage.

About Julia Love, RGN ONC, Advanced Member of NBE

Julia qualified as a Registered General Nurse at Guy’s Hospital in 1985, following Orthopaedic nurse training, and developing an early interest in safer moving & handling, becoming the moving and handling trainer for students, care assistants and qualified staff as a newly qualified staff nurse.

She started LPS Training with her physio husband in 1992 and currently delivers a variety of manual handling training in health, social care and special education settings. She also undertakes individual risk assessments, delivering bespoke training for the carers and family of clients with complex handling issues.

She remains an active member of her local National Back Exchange group, having Chaired the group, as well as spending time on the National Executive Committee, as a Regional Officer, National Secretary and NBE Chair for 3 years. She is currently the Chair of the NBE Professional Affairs Committee.

You can find more information on Julia Love via her website here.

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