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10 May

Safe Use of Bed Rails - MHRA Guidelines

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Bed rails are used throughout acute, community and home care environments to reduce the risk of bed occupants injuring themselves falling out of bed. 

As part of the MHRA's role (to regulate and oversee the safe usage medical devices - including beds). they continue to highlight the number of reports received of adverse incidents involving bedrails. Most of these incidents occurred in community care settings, particularly in nursing homes.

The MHRA advise that incidents can be prevented with the use of adequate risk assessments and appropriate risk management being carried out where bed rails.   The MRHA's guidelines can be found on the MHRA website (click link below)

Download the MHRA Guidelines: 

MHRA Guidelines -   DOWNLOAD

Support from MIP

To support the needs of residents and patients alike, MIP offer a range of bedrail protectors and alternatives, from full-length bed rail protectors, designed to cover bed rails, to bed wedges which can offer an alternative to the use of bedrails altogether which may form part of your risk assessment solutions.  

See our full range of bed accessories, click the link below:

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