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06 Apr

6 Benefits of SleepKnit Smart Sheets

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In this blog, we take a snapshot view of some snapshot benefits of our Sleep-Knit Smart Sheets. For more details about our Smart Sheets please download our Smart Sheets Brochure here

Benefits of the Smart Sheets are:

  1. Fitting is quick and easy.
  2. Latex free and no elastic.
  3. The stretch and large overlay ensures it’s fits most mattresses including profiling and pressure reducing.
  4.  Doesn’t require folding or ironing.
  5. Does not ruck like conventional sheets, can improve comfort and can reduce the number of times the bed needs to be remade.
  6. 4-way stretch of the Smart Sheet won’t allow sliding or repositioning can increase compliance of using slide sheets.

For more information on our SleepKnit Smart Sheets, please visit our website here.

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